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  • Jeffrey Goodman

    Jeffrey Goodman

    Navigating facts and numbers to help people. Strong opinions on climate change and healthcare. Objective, not neutral. MIT engineer, Wharton MBA.

  • Dr sadia ayaz

    Dr sadia ayaz

    My name is Dr. Sadia Ayaz and I am an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. My medical degree is from KMU.i also write articles bout Eye Diseases on drsadiaayaz.com

  • Kevin Clark

    Kevin Clark

  • Emily Wizard

    Emily Wizard

    Living is a hope…

  • Lily Lum

    Lily Lum

    I’m a writer of lifestyle, health, mental wellness, and living the best life possible.

  • Jason Provencio

    Jason Provencio

    20x Medium Top Writer in Humor, Satire, Poetry, Mental Health, Life, and others. Owner of Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs. https://medium.com/@Jason-P/membership

  • James Harris

    James Harris

  • Adrian Kazuki

    Adrian Kazuki

    Casual blogger from Okinawa, also a professional poker player, find out my personal poker skills sharing here: https://mega888official.net/

  • Musings


    Bizarre, Interesting, Horrifying, Captivating —enthusiastic about stories that make me lose sleep

  • Kiki


    ✨️ Las palabras salen solas cuando menos las esperamos y mas las necesitamos.✨️ Instagram: @kikiandasuelta

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